Restorative Practice and Behaviour Management Courses

R.S.S.Ltd are now offering the Safe Care restorative and behaviour
management course.

This course is recommended for...

All front-line staff that are managing challenging behaviour.

Our Restorative practice and behaviour management courses for care home staff could quite literally enhance the lives of vulnerable people and families and support you in maintaining the high standards expected by the regulatory bodies. Our training workshops will provide your staff with the necessary skills to better understand behaviour whilst, maintaining high expectations for young people. We deliver a restorative approach to managing behaviour which allows young people to develop academically, socially and emotionally creating a much more pleasant environment for your care home in which to work, learn and visit.

Restorative Practice and Behaviour Management

Understanding and planning for behaviour

Staff will learn about their psychological responses to challenging behaviour, the needs and wants of young people the reasons why behaviour can escalate and
how to plan for and manage it, thus empowering your staff to have high expectations for behaviour and conduct. By incorporating and understanding the use of the S.C.A.R.F model by Dr David Rock staff will be better place in identifying and avoiding trigger factors when dealing with vulnerable or challenging youngsters.

Course Overview

Completing workshops in the Safe Care System and the stages of Incident.
Planning – Individual Behaviour plans – to help young people to re-regulate their behaviour.
ABC Charting – to share good practise, identify triggers and patterns of behaviour, provide consistency and support for each other.

Course Benefits

Keep everyone safe, reduce restraints and provide a positive home environment
through Restorative Practises.

Communication and De-escalation

Using work related practical scenarios over a 3 hour period, your staff will learn how to use simple and practical methodologies to prevent reactionary actions to
escalated behaviour and confidently manage work related conflict to a satisfactory resolution.

Using practical scenarios and group activities the course raises participants’ experience, awareness and understanding as to the subtle and more obvious causes of conflict. Through work-based simulations, staff will learn about proactive interventions to show how being proactive can reduce the risk of escalated behaviour. Simple yet very effective de-escalation techniques are interspersed into the practical sessions to give your staff skills to manage low level escalated behaviour and prevent further escalation. Communication is key to reducing the risk of escalated behaviour so this course uses practical activities to give your staff experience of the positive and negative outcomes of the different communication methods.

Course Benefits

By the end of this Conflict Management Training course participants will be better able to:

The Law and the use of reasonable force

Staff will learn about The Law and the use of reasonable force. This course is in two parts and includes a practical element where staff will learn safe holding
and disengagement techniques and a theory workshop regarding the Law and the use of reasonable force for use with vulnerable groups.

Course Overview

The Law and how that applies to staff and young people.

Course Benefits

Staff will be aware of their rights when dealing with challenging behaviour and will learn safeholding and defensive techniques which will keep everyone safe in
line with current legislation and guidance.

Restorative Practice

A Restorative approach to managing behaviour.
Staff will learn the skills required to provide a restorative learning environment within the home. Staff and young people will take responsibility for their actions, be accountable for their behaviours, understand the impact of their behaviour on the wider community and repair the harm done. This allows closure to
incidents and provides a way to move forward which supports young people and staff. It helps them to develop their character by being resilient, confident and
independent and improves the mental wellbeing of the whole team.

Course Duration

This combined course is usually run over two days but can be broken up into four half day sessions . If you would like more information about our Training or
would like to discuss how this course can be tailored to your needs.

For further information contact us on 07756002063, or by using the enquiry form on the contact page.

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